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February 9th, 2000

Video Research Ltd. has acquired ISO9001 certification for its Meter method TAM service(Households and individuals), as well as for the diary method of the Individual TV rating service. ISO9001 is an international standard that represents a guarantee of quality. Details are given below:

Summary of ISO 9001 acquisition:

  • Registration date: Jan. 14, 2000
  • Registration No.: JMAQA-531
  • Scope: Planning, design, development and surveys, drafting reports and providing data, inquiries, and all processes covering claim handling
  • Areas: Mechanical TV Rating Research(Household and individual) and diary method of the Individual Rating Research
  • Offices: All offices
  • Inspecting organization: QA Registration Center, Japan Management Association (JMAQA)

"ISO9001" quality management system

By adopting and implementing a quality management system, we aim to improve customer satisfaction as well as guarantee the quality of the products and services we provide.

The changing needs and expectations of our customers together with competition and advances in technology make it necessary for us to continuously improve the data (services) we provide as well as our processes.

  1. It is important for us to analyze and share the market evaluation (customer satisfaction) of the data (services) we provide and our customer needs.
  2. In order to continue to provide the data demanded by the market, it is important that we set a direction of improvement as a quality objective and achieve this objective.
  3. The confidence that we are able to consistently provide the data demanded by the market is essential in improving customer satisfaction.