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Affiliates or Subcidiaries - Video Research Interactive Inc.

Web Audience Measurement Business
Video Research Interactive provides various Internet related data, such as Client Monitor (Internet Panel) Research, census overcoming CACHE problems: Ad Reach Index, and Web Commercial Statistics.
E-commerce Tracking Research Business
Video Research Interactive is preparing Web related research and analyses services, such as Internet Purchase Activity, Tracking and the Relations between Web viewing and purchase activity.
Web-site Evaluation, Web Marketing consulting Business.
Video Research Interactive provides supporting services for any area of Web marketing, such as data collection, analyses, solution, consultation to conduct Web marketing, and Media Planning with other media.


Company Profile

Company Name: Video Research Interactive Inc.
President, CEO: Tooru Igarashi
Address: 6-17, Sanban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
102-0075 JAPAN
Phone number: +81-3-5226-3281
Fax number: +81-3-5226-3289
URL Address: http://www.videoi.co.jp/
Date of establishment: December 1, 2003
Capital: 210,280,000yen (USD1,752,300: JPY120)
Number of employees: 20 as of Dec., 2011