Custom Research

Summary Guide

Research is the cornerstone of marketing strategy. Video Research assists in the whole process of research from designing to conducting a nationwide survey. With its considerable know-how in research, latest facilities and experienced researchers, Video Research provides you with prompt and accurate services such as quantitative research to comprehend masses, and qualitative research to understand the depth of the consumer's psyche.

Nationwide research network

Provides prompt service throughout the country with branch offices located in major cities including prefectural researchers and research assistants.

Survey Method

Quantitative Research

Available throughout the country.

  • Direct-visit and self-completion
  • Face-to-face Interview
  • Mail Survey
  • Telephone Survey
  • Internet Research

Qualitative Research

  Available throughout the country using facilities located in major cities.

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Internet Research

  • Online Survey
  • Internet Research

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Nationwide Panel

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Major lineup of surveys

Available throughout the country using facilities located in major cities.

Provide excellent know-how and facilities for various types of market research

Media research: Measurement of quality and satisfaction for Television and Radio programs, Measurement of coverage in newspapers and magazines
Retail research: Retail Observation survey, In-Store Panel survey, In-Store Customer survey and Display survey
Advertising effectiveness
Advertising Effectiveness measurement, Advertising Creative Development test
Store location research: Market Area Measurement, On-Site study
Consumer survey: Brand survey, Consumer Behavior survey, New Product Market Penetration survey
Public opinion poll: The Public Attitude survey, Exit poll
Product research: Product Monitoring survey, Flavor Development test, Packaging test, Concept Development test
Others: Ascertaining the appearance of TV commercials
Image research: Company Image research, Logo survey, Brand Image survey