Custom Research

Depth Interview

What is Depth Interview?

VR's moderators conduct a personal interview with a single respondent to understand underlying motivations, beliefs and feelings on a particular subject that respondents have not been aware of. (Also called One-on-One Interview)

Benefits of In-Depth Interview

1. Explore a subject in depth to know the reason "Why"
Experienced moderators approach respondents' consciousness from a broad perspective to elicit their unconscious feelings, and make their ambiguous opinions clear.
- Helps understand consumer's' values and lifestyle in concrete terms
- With laddering* method, enables understanding of brand image and constituting factors

* Laddering is a technique for conducting in-depth interviews where questions progress from product characteristics to user characteristics

2. Helps figure out complicated decision-making processes
Elicits information about complicated decision-making processes and buying processes, which aren't clear with group interviews.
- Useful to understand elaborate mechanism of consumers' behavior

3. Allows for talking about themes that aren't suited for group discussion
One-on-one, in-depth interview enables respondents to talk about sensitive subjects that they would ordinarily hesitate to discuss within a group situation. Ideal for products that are looking for a solution to their negative image
- Ideal for business users who hesitate to tell the truth in a group interview with competitors

Procedure of In-Depth Interview

Basic Schedule

2 - 3 weeks: Briefing for VR Propose a survey plan to solve problems by giving advice; how to sort out the problems, what is the best way to resolve them, etc.
Decide on conducting
In-Depth Interview
Recruit respondents Recruit respondents from VR's database of panels with optimal conditions for the survey theme
Make a list of
questions to ask
VR's experienced moderators make questionnaires that will clarify clients' marketing challenges.
Conduct a survey Gather respondents in VR's leased facility VOICE, and conduct an In-Depth interview.
Clients are able to monitor the interview in the Monitoring Room and the Meeting Room.
2 - 3 weeks: Put respondents'
remarks on record
Create a summary of the discussion
Reporting Propose solutions to the problems after examining and analyzing the results of the interview