Custom Research

FGI (Focus Group Interview)

What is FGI?

VR's moderators control subjects to collect qualitative information from a small group of 5 to 7 respondents gathered for the theme.

Benefits of Group Interviews

1. Active discussion in a group of homogeneous people
Grouping people who have similar gender, generation and user attributes encourages active discussion and helps display their true feelings

2. Accurate information by hearing opinions directly from consumers
Collect genuine opinions by seeing and hearing directly how target people feel, live, and think about subject, product , service, program , etc.

*Useful for developing a product and program that users and audience really want
*Collects real consumers' opinions that improve the quality of communication plan

3. Controlled by experienced moderators
VR's experienced moderators control subjects and themes of discussion in order to gain necessary information
When it is difficult to frame a hypothesis due to limited prior information, or when unexpected facts come out during interviews, moderators are able to adapt to the situation flexibly.

*Ideal for an initial survey when clients can't imagine answers, or can't frame hypothesis.

4. Helps figure out "Why" and "How"
Easy to understand casual relations such as background of behaviors and reasons of evaluations
Helps understanding of consumers' insight and conscious structurally

* Get consumers' insights such as
- Contributing factors to company and brand image
- What to do to improve company/brand's image

5. Helps clarify problems and formulate concrete improvement plans
Moderators clarify specific problems, and provide clients with concrete,detailed suggestions on how to solve the problems.

*Useful for improving products, services, TV commercials, programs, etc.

Procedure of Group Interview

Basic Schedule

2 - 3 weeks: Briefing for VR Propose a survey plan to solve problems by giving advice; how to sort out the problems, what is the best way to resolve them, etc.
Decide on conducting
a Group Interview
Recruit respondents Recruit respondents from VR's database of panels with optimal conditions for the survey theme
Make a list of
questions to ask
VR's experienced moderators make questionnaires that will clarify clients' marketing challenges
Conduct a survey Gather respondents in VR's leased facility VOICE, and conduct a group interview.
Clients are able to monitor the interview in the Monitoring Room and the Meeting Room.
2 - 3 weeks: Put respondents'
remarks on record
Create a summary of the discussion
Reporting Propose solutions to the problems after examining and analyzing the results of the interview