Custom Research

Hall Test

What is Hall Test?

Gather segmented consumers such as users of particular products or audience of particular programs, and measure evaluation of advertising, programs and products, under the same environment and conditions. One of the methods of gathering test allows you to collect data from up to 60 respondents in a single survey.

Benefits of Hall Test

1. Ideal for conducting a survey showing materials to be evaluated
Allows you to show and evaluate programs, TV commercials, product packages, etc. under same conditions
- Helps check negative impression for advertising before it's released
- Useful to control creative quality of advertisingafter it's released

2. Can approach segmented target consumers
By conducting a survey to segmented respondents such as users of particular products and audience of particular programs, you can understand the evaluation of consumers that are close to the actual marketing target.
- Clarifies what kind of factors are important to target consumers
- Helps find ways to increase satisfaction of current users and audience

3. Helps understand qualitative information behind respondents' answers to questions
Basic output of Hall Tests are quantitative data. In addition, qualitative information can be collected by using open-ended questions.
Interviews are also available with some of the respondents after the Hall Test.
Clients are able to choose the respondents after the Hall Test to collect more detailed qualitative information.
- Helps define concrete improving points by examining the comprehensive evaluation

Procedure of Hall Test

Basic Schedule

2 - 3 weeks: Briefing for VR Propose a survey plan to solve problems by giving advice; how to sort out the problems, what is the best way to resolve them, etc.
Decide on conducting
Hall Test
Recruit respondents Recruit respondents from VR's database of panels with optimal conditions for the survey theme
Make a list of
questions to ask
Make questionnaires that will clarify clients' marketing challenges.
Conduct a survey Gather respondents in VR's leased facility ACCESS, and conduct a Hall Test.
Clients are able to review real-time findings in the Monitoring Room.
2 - 3 weeks: Put respondents'
remarks on record
Create a summary of the discussion
Reporting Experienced VR's researchers make a report and propose solutions to the problems after examining and analyzing the results of the test