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Qualitative Research services lineup

Focus Group Interview
In-depth Interview

The interview facility, (1) Wide variety of moderators
Video Research has over 10 internal and external experienced moderators and will choose the most suitable one for the target and theme.

(2) Considerable know-how
Video Research conducts interviews for approximately 100 projects related to TV program assessment, TV commercial assessment and product development within a year. Please try our accumulated knowledge and know-how.

(3) The interview facility with guests' ammenities, "VOICE"
This bright and spacious leased interview facility has a comfortable atmosphere without abandoning guests' amenities.

(4) A network of over 200,000 panels available to respond to surveys in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyushu area.
Video Research's unique database of panels contain detailed household and profile information enabling the ability to recruit respondents with optimal conditions for the survey theme.

(5) Rich backup data
Combining our own survey data such as Audience Viewing Rate, TV Commercial Karte (assessment of TV commercials), ACR (Audience and Consumer Report) and MCR (Media Climate Research) enables accurate and dimensional analysis.

Hall Test (gathering test)

hall test facility (1) Enable to compile data promptly
Respondents input their answers to the questionnaire during the survey using the unique data entry terminal "Key Pad" located in Video Research's leased hall test facility "ACCESS", enabling clients to check the real-time findings from the survey.
It also enables clients to make a marketing decision right after the implementation of the survey.

(2) Video Research's unique "Interest and Reaction Curve system" provides real feedback from people on the TV commercials and programs.

(3) Interview with respondents
Interviews are also available with some of the respondents after the hall test.

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