Press Release

Radio Rating Research of August, 2004

Sept. 6, 2004

Video Research Ltd. has been conducting Radio Research in Metropolis area 6 times a year (even number month). At this time, we are delighted to announce the release of the research result of August, 2004.

Survey Outline.

Survey method: Mail survey (diary)·Portable questionnaire
Survey area: Metropolis area (Tokyo 35km radius)
Respondents: M&F 12-69 yrs. old(3,000 samples)
Response rate: 94.4%(2,833s)
Sampling method: Random 2-stage sampling
Survey period*:

2 weeks, Jul. 26 (Mon), 2004 - Aug. 8, 2004(Sun)

*The Radio Research has been traditionally conducted for 2 weeks from the 1st Monday of August, however, because of Athens Olympic Games 2004, the survey fieldwork weeks were shifted to two weeks from July 26th this year.

August, 2004 Radio Rating Research in Metropolis

[ I ]How frequently persons tune in to radio?

[(Radio contact ratio per week
(cumulated one week: 5:00-29:00)]

[ II ]Where do they tune in to the radio?

(Share of listening minutes
by place Mon-Sun:5:00-29:00)

How frequently persons tune in to radio? Where do they tune in to the radio?
The ratio of persons who listened to the radio in one week reaches more than 70% among Men & Women 12 - 69 years old.
Also, the average listening duration (cumulated one week) is 13.3 hrs., i.e., persons listen to the radio approx. 2 hrs. a day.
Radio is a medium with a character that is often listened out-of-home and that ratio reaches more than 50%. This once again certifies the fact that Radio is a medium that is tuned in to both inside home and out-of-home.

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