Press Release

"Mobile 2004" English edition, Japanese Mobile Phone Marketing data.

November 16, 2004

Video Research Ltd. is pleased to issue the "Mobile 2004" report which has summarized the usage of Mobile phones in Japan.
We, Video Research wish the marketers utilize "Mobile 2004" report as marketing handbook and your support tool.

Survey Outline

Survey Area:
35-km radius of Tokyo metropolitan area
Males and females aged between 12-59 (excluding elementary school students)
who use a mobile phone (either regular mobile phone or PHS).
Number of
sample requests:
1,500 ss
Number of valid samples
in completion:
1,202 ss (80.1% completion rate)
Survey method:
Mail survey
Survey period:
Nov. 19 (Wed.) to Dec. 3 (Wed.), 2003
*Diary questionnaires were filled out between Nov. 24 (holiday) and Nov. 30 (Sun.), 2003


1. Mobile Phone Trends in Japan

  • Mobile Phone Penetration
  • The History of Mobile Phones
  • Emerging Trends

2.Usage of Mobile Phone Devices (Mobile Phone Usage Status)

  • Mobile phone carrier
  • Mobile phone manufacturer/Use frequency of each function
  • Duration of mobile phone use/ Monthly fees for mobile phone use
  • Use frequency, times, location, of each functions (phone, e-mail, browsing)
  • Timing of opening e-mail
  • Quantity and type of E-mail magazine
  • Number and type of website visited
  • Number of pay sites visited/ Amount spent per month on pay sites
  • Important consideration when selecting a mobile phone carrier/ handset
  • Corporate image of mobile phone carriers
  • Mobile phone functions and services desired in the future

3.Mobile Phone Usage Times (Usage Times per function)

Diary survey on mobile phone usage: respondents asked to record mobile phone usage per each function and location every 15 minutes for one week.
Period: Monday, November 24 to Sunday, November 30 in 2003

Deliverable/ Price

"Mobile 2004, Japanese Mobile Phone Marketing data" (PDF file, B4 83 pages)
Price: Yen 300,000 (before tax)

Survey Data:

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