Press Release

Ishikawa Prefecture reads the most Major League Baseball articles
- A summary of the results of the 4th J-READ Nationwide Newspaper Survey -

March 23, 2005

Video Research Ltd. compiled the results of the 4th Nationwide Newspaper Survey (J-READ). This survey was conducted in October, 2004 for the purpose of providing in depth information on the relation between Japanese and newspapers to assist companies in creating more effective advertising plans.

Based on the data gathered, J-READ enables to scientifically represent the unique media characteristics of newspapers. Utilizing mainly a reading log recorded over one week period, this survey revealed in detail the relationship between Japanese people nationwide and the newspapers they read. The survey also examined subjects such as consumer product usage and lifestyle consciousness.

Regarding newspapers, key findings of this survey is that more than 70% of the people read a morning edition paper every day. More than 40% start their reading from the front page and more men than women are inclined to use this reading style. Ishikawa Prefecture tops the list for most Major League Baseball articles read while Niigata Prefecture ranks highest for the most J-League articles read.

As for marketing data, hobby and leisure activity showed an increase in the viewing of Japan National Team soccer matches while the durable goods consumption category recorded an increase in digital camera ownership. A section of the survey concerning service and facility usage identifies a rise in internet shopping. All data is compared to the same survey of the previous year.

Questions regarding meals and food consciousness show that the Kyushu and Tohoku areas are more health conscious and Tokyo and Kansai areas seem to be more gourmet focused.

Survey Outline

Survey area: Nationwide (47 prefectures)
Newspapers covered: 110 newspapers
Respondents: Men and women ages 15 - 69
Sampling: Requested respondents in survey via telephone by using RDD (random digit dialing)
Sample size: 33,800 individuals nationwide
Survey period: Sunday,October 24 - Saturday, October 30, 2004 (Survey based on respondents recording a diary for one week)
Survey method: Distributed survey form to those who agreed to respond. After the recording period ended, they were requested to return the form by mail.
Topics surveyed: Newspaper readership, lifestyle activity and attitudes, etc.