Press Release

More than 90% of People in Their 20s Read Magazines
- Video Research Releases the Results for "MAGASCENE (Survey on Magazine Media)" -

April 15, 2005

Video Research Ltd. summarized the results of "MAGASCENE (survey on magazine media)," which aims to understand the way that magazines are read and the profiles of the readers, as follows.

This survey, which started as a single media survey on magazines in 1999, is implemented every October in seven major regions in Japan. The recently summarized results are for the sixth survey. Information such as perusal rate, which shows how frequently the magazines are read, rate of those who buy and read or the number of people sharing a copy, which represent index for contact state, as well as the profile information of those who read magazines such as their age, occupation and lifestyle, are provided. The survey covers about 500 magazines including weekly magazines, fashion magazines and specialized magazines. There are currently about 6,000 respondents to the survey, but this will be increased to 10,000 starting with surveys implemented in FY2005 in order to improve and stabilize data accuracy.

Video Research will further intensify its effort to support the vitalization of magazine media. As a part of this effort, we are planning to hold a seminar on magazines in mid-June.

Excerpt from the data of the sixth "MAGASCENE
  (survey on magazine media)"

  1. Those who read magazines account for 80% of the whole society; more than 90% of those in their 20s read magazines.
  2. The most frequently read genre is "sports" among males and "cooking" among females. It was "fashion" among females in their 20s.
  3. The monthly average expense on magazines was 2,000 yen among males in their 30s (average among those who purchase magazines).

Survey Outline

Magazines covered
for FY 2004:
66 weekly magazines, 96 biweekly magazines, 365 monthly magazines; 527 in total 
Survey method: Visiting and leaving questionnaire sheet
Sampling method: Two-tiered random sampling using the Basic Resident Register as a frame
Respondents: Males and females age 12-69 at the time of survey
Survey period: October 14 (Thu) - October 27 (Wed), 2004
Survey area: Seven major regions across Japan
(Within a 30km radius of the Tokyo metropolitan area, Kansai region, Nagoya region, Northern Kyushu region, Sapporo region, Sendai region and Hiroshima region)
No. of samples and
valid answers:
6,000 samples in total for seven regions, 4,965 valid samples (response rate 82.8%)
Topics surveyed: Readership state for each magazine
Readers' profiles (basic attribute, awareness in daily life, media involvement, etc.)
Magazine quality (images for each magazine, frequency of reading, place of purchase and reading, etc.)