Press Release

Damages Suit Regarding Illegal Interference with Audience Ratings Research

November 4, 2005

We (Video Research Ltd.) today reached an out-of-court settlement in a damages suit we filed against a former producer of Nippon Television Network Corp. on January 22, 2004.

From the institution of the suit until March 10, 2005, nine trial hearings were held. Later, we made seven trial hearing preparations.

Our suit claimed damages for a loss of public confidence in our audience ratings information services and the cost of measures we had to take against the obstruction of our business.

As a result, the defendant gave an apology, accepting our claim totally. Since the defendant has already been socially sanctioned and is an individual, we decided to accept a court-recommended settlement at the eighth trial hearing preparation today. In reaching the settlement, the defendant recognized that he owed us 10 million yen in damages.

We again apologize to those people generally involved in the advertising and marketing research industries as well as consumers cooperating in our research for any embarrassment suffered as a result of this case.

We intend to continue efforts to prevent recurrence of this kind of incident and to further focus on our audience ratings research centering on responses to digitalization.