Press Release

Niigata prefecture shows the strongest support for their J-league home-team Summary of the 5th J-READ National Newspaper Readership Survey

March 29, 2006

We are pleased to announce that the report for the 5th Comprehensive National Newspaper Readership Survey (J-READ) is now available.

The survey was conducted in October, 2005 for the purpose of providing in-depth information on Japanese newspaper readership. The survey data also provides support in creating more effective advertising planning. The survey is based on a one-week newspaper readership to be filled in by the respondents, to provide not just an insight into their readership, but also their views towards the paper, consumer products usage and lifestyle.

Extract from the Survey Findings

1) Basic Newspaper Readership Data - Japanese people and the newspapers

2) Unique findings from J-READ - National Lifestyle Trends

Survey Outline

Survey Area Nationwide (47 prefectures and administrative regions)
Coverage General and Sports newspapers; Total: 113
Respondents Men and women 15 - 69
Sampling RDD (random-digit dialing)
Sample Size 33,800 individuals nationwide (85.2% response-rate)
Survey Period Sunday, October 16th, 2005 - Saturday, October 22nd, 2005 (Survey based on respondents recording a diary for one week)
Survey Method The Questionnaires were mailed to the respondents who agreed to participate in the subject survey. After the diary filling-in period was over, the Questionnaire were to be returned by mail.