Press Release

More than 90% of women in their teens and twenties read magazines
Results of the 7th "MAGASCENE" Magazine Readership Survey

April 6, 2006

The 7th "MAGASCENE" magazine readership survey, providing the readership and readers' profiles in Japan.

This survey is a "single media" survey started in 1999 focusing solely on magazine media and is conducted every October in seven major regions in Japan. The results of the 7th survey are summarized below. Information such as readership rate, which shows how frequently the magazines are read, the rate of those who buy and read or the number of people sharing a copy, which represent index for contact state, as well as the profile information of those who read magazines such as their age, occupation and lifestyle, are provided. The survey covers 530 magazines including general weeklies, fashion and specialized magazines. The number of respondents was increased for this survey from 6,000 until last year to 10,000 from this wave, in order to improve and further stabilize data accuracy. Furthermore, our analysis software, entitled "DIGITAL MAGASCENE" has been added to our services, in order to allow quick and easy viewing of magazine data.

We will strive to further intensify our support of the magazine media in future.

Excerpt from the seventh "MAGASCENE" Magazine Media Survey

  1. More than 80% of all Japanese read magazines. Particularly, more than 90% of women in their teens and twenties are magazine-readers.
  2. By day, readership is higher on weekdays than on weekends. By reading time slot, male employees read in the morning and full-time housewives during the day.
  3. Males in their twenties are the most frequent magazine purchasers, buying an average of three copies per month.

"MAGASCENE" Magazine Readership Survey Outline

2005 Coverage 66 weeklies, 93 bi-weekly/twice a month magazine and 371 monthly magazines: 530 in total
Survey Period Thursday, October 13th - Wednesday, October 26th 2005
Survey Area Seven major regions across Japan (Within 30km radius of the Tokyo metropolitan area, Kansai region, Nagoya region, Northern Kyushu region, Sapporo region, Sendai region and Hiroshima region)
Respondents Men and women aged 12 to 69 at the time of the survey
Sample Size 10,000 samples in total; 8,118 valid samples
Sampling Method 2-stage random sampling based on the Basic Resident Register
Survey Method Self-completion Questionnaire
Survey items Magazine Readership
Reader profiles (Basic demographics, Life style, Media involvement/engagement, Magazine contact by product ownership/potential purchasers/persons interested in specific ads, etc.)
Magazine image, Quality of Magazine readership (Reading frequency, Place of purchase, Place of reading, etc.)