Press Release

Out-of-Home Media Integrated Survey “SOTO”* is launched

May 1, 2007

We have conducted the 1st “Out-of-Home Media Integrated Survey in June, 2006 as transit and out-of-home media survey.
This survey was newly started in order to improve and enhance the existing survey for out-of-home media. In addition to transit (railways/stations) and towns to visit, we measured “roads“ and “distribution promotion“ and further clarify the media power of out-of-home media as <Advertising media> in a comprehensive manner. Also, the data enables to analyze the image toward the towns and the user profile data of town by town and station by station.
We are pleased to introduce you the executive summary of our 1st “SOTO“ survey result:

(*NOTE: “SOTO“ means “outside“ in Japanese.)

Executive summary of 1st “SOTO“

  1. Railroad usage status: 71.1% of the total individuals use railroads (trains) more than once a week.
  2. Automobile usage status: 60.6% of the total individuals use “automobiles(including car pool)“ more than once a week.
  3. Visiting status: “Shinjuku west exit vicinities“ was the highest ratio area to visit out of major 71 areas surveyed and the ratio of visit there more than once a week reaches 8.8% of the total individuals.
  4. Purchase behavior: “Lunchbox/Rice balls/Prepared foods/Breads“ are the merchandise genre which showed the highest ratio to be purchased and the 26.6% of the total individuals purchase them more than once a week (weekly average).

Survey Outline.

Survey method: Mail and self-completion survey
Survey area: Tokyo 30km radius
Respondents: M&F 15-69 years old
Final number of respondents 4,017persons
Sampling method: Respondents selected by RDD (random digit dialing) and ask for survey participation
Survey period:

May 29, 2006 (Mon) - June 4, 2006 (Sun)