Press Release

"Target Style Book - SENIOR" report issued
clarifying the current Seniors' character

October 15, 2007

"Target Style Book - SENIOR" report is newly issued by Video Research Ltd.

The report, specifying the "Men and Women with the age band of 50 years+" as "Seniors" and clarifies their activity and lifestyle from every life aspect of time, entertainment and gourmet. Also, the analysis conducted from the viewpoint of media exposure and clarifies the current updated Seniors' character. The data enables our clients to work on the corporate marketing activity for "Seniors", the recent eye-catching target group for the marketers.
Meanwhile, the data is extracted from our syndicated data services such as ACR, MCR, etc.

Abstracts from the analysis result
1)Awareness of Seniors : Features clarified from the awareness of "Senior"
  • Seniors stick to the safety of food and are highly interested in healthcare.  Also, Seniors usually cares about contingency plan and are rather deliberate to spend money to enjoy the current life.
2)Internet usage of Seniors : Usage purpose of Internet
  • Seemingly, Seniors don't have sense of resistance in making purchases via Internet.
  • For Seniors, Internet is a practical tool to "check out the information for going out".

Outline of Report
The data for "Senior", specifying "Men & Women 50-69 years old" age bracket as "Senior", was extracted from our Syndicated data services, and we tabulated and analyzed the same.
The related syndicated data services are as follows. Please contact us if you have any specific question for those services.

Syndicated data services Survey contents Survey period
Audience and Consumer Report
Single source database in dual approach, one for contact status to major media such as TV, Newspaper, Radio, Magazine,Transit media, Internet, etc. and Product usage and the other for product usage/ownership/purchase activity May
(Once every year)
Media Contact Report
Database for consumers' 24hour activity by day, media contact status and lifestyle recognition May-June
(Once every year)

Furthermore, data also extracted from the survey result of TV Program Karte/Radio Ratings Research in Tokyo Metropolis/MAGASCENE(Magazine Media Survey)/National Newspaper Readership Survey (J-READ)/SOTO(Out-of-home Media Integrated Survey).