Press Release

Revival Marketing updated
~Result of Character & Kids' Market Survey Online

January 22, 2008

We have conducted "Character & Kids' Market Survey Online". We conducted this survey since "Revival Marketing" is very popular recently, reusing the TV programs and its characters in TV commercials, tie-up-products and promotion which the target respondents watched and/or played with enthusiastically in their childhood. The survey conducted with 1,000 respondents, M&F 20-49 years old, who are the target for the "Revival Marketing".

~Executive summary from the Survey results~

1) About "Character"
~"TOM and JERRY" among Men and "Miffy" among Women respectively ranked top out of the favorite characters. ~
  • The awareness ranking out of 24 characters among Men 20-49 years old was "Mickey Mouse", "Snoopy" and "Kitty" in descending order. The favorite character ranking was "TOM and JERRY", "Mickey Mouse" and "Snoopy" as well.
  • The awareness ranking among women was "Kitty", "Mickey Mouse" and "Snoopy" and the favorite ranking was "Miffy", "Snoopy" and "Mickey Mouse". Among both men and women, "Mickey Mouse" and "Snoopy" were ranked in top 3 for both of the awareness and the favorite.
2) About "cartoon"
~The top favorite carton ranking both among men and women was "Lupin the 3rd". ~
  • Out of the survey target 178 cartoon programs, the ranking of the programs to which men answered "watched ever before" was "Lupin the 3rd", "Doraemon" and "Sazae-san". Also, the favorite cartoon ranking was"Lupin the 3rd", "Doragon Ball" and "Doragon Ball Z" as well.
  • The ranking of the programs to which women answered "watched ever before" was "Sazae-san", "Doraemon" and "Gegege no Kitaro". Also, the favorite ranking was "Lupin the 3rd", "Sazae-san", and "Alps no syoujo Heidi".
3) About the requirement for cartoon character goods
~DVD for "Mobile Suit Z Gundam" and "Mobile Suit Gundam" were overwhelmingly popular among men.~
  • To the respondents who answered "Yes" to the question "I like this cartoon program" (Yes or No) in order to understand the requirement for the character goods, "Mobile Suit Z Gundam" was very popular among men for DVD, game and Wallpaper of Mobile phone.
  • As mascot character, "Araiguma Rascal" and "Moomin" was popular among women.