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Privacy Policy

Video Research Ltd. (the "Company", "we", "our" or "us") will contribute to society by providing many companies and groups, etc. with, and making proposals to the same based on, survey information which reflects the situations and opinions of consumers (survey respondents) based on fair and reliable survey activities and analysis in accordance with our new basic philosophy established on January 1, 2013: "Creating better communication activities for tomorrow by deriving knowledge and answers to connect consumers, media and companies based on fair data and reliable indicators."

In order to achieve the provision of and the making of proposals based on such survey information, the Company gives due consideration and takes appropriate measures to ensure security for information providers and to store and manage their information from the standpoint of personal information protection, and hereby sets forth the specific details thereof in this Privacy Policy and provides its internal and external declaration of its implementation of such policy.

1. Acquisition, Use and Provision of Personal Information

2. Secure Management of Personal Information

3. Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Other Standards Concerning the Protection of Personal Information

4. Response to Inquiries and Complaints

5. Ongoing Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management System

We hereby promise that all of our employees have a full understanding of the objectives of this Privacy Policy, and the handling of personal information, and that they will meticulously carry out their day-to-day duties, working to protect personal information.

Enacted December 13, 2001
Revised September 20, 2013
Revised October 20, 2015
Yuzuru Kato
Video Research Ltd.

Video Research joins Japan Marketing Research Association as a full member, and conducts research in accordance with the "Code of Conduct of Marketing Research" of JMRA. We take great care in the use of personal information, and work to safeguard and maintain it.

Privacy Mark We acquired the "Privacy Mark" in December 2001, which is a credential symbol for companies that protect personal information.