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ACR for Windows (ACR Analysis )

ACR LogoTabulation and analysis system for ACR data
Allows you to download and tabulate profile/media contact data of specific product users



Outline of the System

ACR Analysis allows you to utilize the database from the largest syndicated data of ACR research in the way you prefer.
ACR Research is a combined survey for individuals to understand their media contact status and consumption/purchase status.
Usable as basic data for creating marketing and media plans by understanding consumers' trend and target profiles.
This system enables you to tabulate and analyze the data by combining large amounts of ACR survey items in various ways.

Major Functions and Menu

  • Cross Tabulation
    Allows you to choose different items and categories from all survey items for cross tabulation.
  • R&F Tabulation
    Automatic tabulation for "Reach," "Frequency" and "GPR" is available by choosing analysis target, and combination of media among TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and Transport Media.
  • R&F Max Analysis
    Analyzes the combination of possible vehicles that will maximize the efficiency and number of contacts of target audience/consumers.
  • Readership/Use Ratio
    Tabulates the average readership ratio of newspapers and average use ratio of transportation for arbitrary targets.
  • Time Slot Tabulation
    Tabulates the contact ratio of TV and radio in every 60 minute time slot for arbitrary targets.