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iNEX2 = information NEtwork compleX 2

Our state-of-the-art iNEX Intelligent On-line Data Service enables our clients to access the following various Japanese media data via web using their in-house PC.

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TV Audience Ratings Analysis

This is the menu for analysis of household TV audience ratings data collected from 27 areas by metering research, individual ratings data collected by the diary method, and individual ratings data for the Kanto (Tokyo Metropolitan) Area and Kansai Area collected by our PeopleMeter system. This menu enables users to easily retrieve ratings data by program and time zone, and to produce "minute-by-minute" charts of ratings and other graphical representation of data. Users can also take advantage of the Special Analysis Menu to examine R&F and inflow/outflow patterns of audience.

Advertising Management

TV Commercial Statistics

With this menu, users can retrieve TV advertising statistical data for the Kanto (Tokyo Metropolitan), Kansai (Osaka Metropolitan) and Nagoya Areas, and also examine Target GRP based on the individual ratings data for the Kanto and Kansai Area collected by our People Meter (PM) system. It is possible to retrieve data by advertiser, product category, brand, ad material, etc.

Radio Commercial Statistics

This menu is used to retrieve radio advertising statistical data for the Kanto (Tokyo Metropolitan) and Kansai (Osaka Metropolitan) Areas. As in the case of the TV statistics, the data required by users can be easily retrieved and tabulated by using the screen for setting retrieval conditions. However, program information and GRP data is not available.

Multiple Media Statistics

Just by specifying one brand or advertiser name, users can have the corresponding advertising statistical data for both TV and radio retrieved, tabulated and displayed on the same form. Using Excel, tabulated data of other media can be added to create a total campaign management report form.

6-Meida Advertising Statistics

Video Research is the only company offering advertising statistics in all four media in Japan: TV, Radio, Newspaper*, Magazine*, Transit media*, and the Internet. Our research allows for breakdown by industry, advertiser, product category and brand. Statistics cover all advertising in the three major metropolitan area. (Two for Radio).


Spot Commercial Analysis


Spot Commercial planning and selection can be easily entered from the Windows screen and then immediately confirmed by viewing the monitor display of the timetable. Users can also open other windows and have various types of management indices displayed. By using a function that displays the image by time class, each identified by separate colors, users can immediately examine the distribution of their selection of spot COMMERCIALs at a glance. Then using the previously supplied CASS (Computer-Assisted Spot Selection) printer, the results can be printed out just as shown on the screen, or you can use our new A3-size color printer to obtain output of the spot plan results.

[Post-campaign Evaluation]

The Spot Analysis menu of functions can also be used for analysis of the effectiveness of a campaign after its execution. Users can perform analyses such as actual measurement of R&F by using Kanto (Tokyo Metropolitan) Area PM data together with corresponding advertising statistical data.

Service Guide

In order to help users get the most out of the wide range of research data provided by Video Research, the Guide Menu provides reference information on the research framework such as the area, scale, period and methodology of research as well as the period of data publication.

*Several data sources are from our alliance companies.

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