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MCR for Windows

MCR LogoAbility to download and tabulate/analyze enormous amounts of MCR Data in your computer



MCR Analysis Software (MCR for Windows)

Application software, which tabulates large amounts of MCR data easily
Ability to tabulate figures not only for existing targets but also for arbitrary segmented targets, by combining survey items in the way you prefer
Enables you to save tabulated data in CSV format, and tabulate/modify with spreadsheet software

Analysis Menu

  • Activity Ratio Tabulation
  • Simultaneous Activity Analysis
  • Person in Act Composition
  • Activity Changes Analysis
    - Analysis of Activity Changing Person Ratio
    - Analysis of Before/after Changing
  • Analysis of Consumption Time
    - Average Consumption Time
    - Performance of Consumption Time
  • Analysis of Wake, Sleep, Out and Back Time
  • Analysis of Person in Act (Activity Reach)
  • Cross Tabulation