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Science of Advertising Effectiveness

The Analytic Approaches for Practitioners

Video Research Ltd. published a book with the title of "Science of Advertising Effectiveness", in which we advocate Advertising Communication Effectiveness based on the research data we collected.
In the book, we have made a practical verification of 'Reevaluating the role of advertising media', 'Reexamining an advertising effectiveness model', 'Auditing advertising effectiveness', process by process of advertisement and introduced a new model of media planning.

Title: Science of Advertising Effectiveness
Sub-title: The Analytic Approaches for Practitioners

Science of Advertising Effectiveness

Soft cover: 292 pages.

Nikkei Publishing Inc.

Editor: Video Research Ltd.
Language: Japanese.
Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.9 x 0.8 inches.
Price: JPY 2,095+Tax
Contact us: Video Research Ltd.
International Business Dept.


Preface Back to the Basics
Chap.1: Trend in Consumption of Advertising Media
Chap.2: Functional Differences of Advertising Media
Chap.3: Power of Radio Media
Chap.4: Advertising Effectiveness of OOH Media
Chap.5: Media Consumption and the Generations
Chap.6: Cohort Analysis of Media Consumption
Chap.7: Baby-Boom Generation as Advertising Target
Chap.8: Reconstruction of General Advertising Models
Chap.9: Advertising Model for Stimulating Purchase Intention
Chap.10: The Best Practice of Advertising Efficiency
Chap.11: Frontier Analysis of Advertising Activities
Chap.12: Diagnostic Model of Advertising Campaigns
Chap.13: Advertising Effectiveness and Brand Associations
Chap.14: Measurement of Brand Experiences
Chap.15: Ripple Effects of Advertising in Brand Experiences
Chap.16: Model of Online Behavior Prompted by TV Advertising
Chap.17: Communication Effects Influencing Purchase Behavior
Chap.18: Measuring Advertising Effectiveness by Blog Data Analysis
Chap.19: History of Advertising Planning Systems
Chap.20: Simulation Model of Advertising Effects