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ACR (Audience & Consumer Report) / TGI Japan

Your Multidimensional Marketing Information Resource

ACR LogoThis widely respected research is designed to examine a single source of samples as both consumers and an audience. This gives the marketing professional the unique ability to either approach target consumers as, for example, TV viewers or to evaluate magazine readers as consumers. Executed periodically, users can also use ACR to identify changes in purchase behavior, brand share and media, not to mention their contact with media.

Let's take a look at some of the questions ACR can answer for you!

Number of ACR Samples

Video Research's ACR meets two major objectives.

  • To help you better understand target profile
  • To help you gain knowledge for a more effective media plan

Who are the users of my product?

ACR can draw a clear and comprehensive picture of your target user by providing data on...

  • Over 20 demographic attributes such as gender, age, occupation, and income.
  • Psychographic attributes including about 80 lifestyle attitude items and preference/values data.
  • Purchasing attitudes including purchase criteria.
  • Purchase behavior including purchase experience/ownership of over 200 products, usage of retailers by type and usage of food services, leisure services, etc.

What media should I use?

ACR can give you a grasp of the state of your target's contact with the media, help you select the most effective media, and even evaluate media plans prior to execution!

  • From contact with TV and Radio to perusal ratings for newspapers and magazines, usage of Internet and even usage of transportation (as an index for transit media), ACR provides a comprehensive look at your target's media contact. In addition, preference data on print media articles and program genres are also available.
  • ACR can assist in the selection of media vehicles with the aim of achieving the broadest possible penetration (Reach MAX analysis) or achieving the deepest possible penetration (Frequency MAX)
  • ACR also incorporates simulation tools to estimate the effectiveness of a media plan.

What else can ACR do?

Here are just a few more examples.

  • Determine brand positioning based on attitude data.
  • Compare brand share of your product and your competitors using product usage experience and ownership data.
  • Identify heavy, medium and light users of a product or service.
  • Uncover latent consumer potential with purchase desire and intent data.
  • Discover the characteristics of media vehicles and the profile of people who have contact with them.

Service Specs

Survey area: 7 areas(Tokyo 30km radius, Osaka, Nagoya, Northern Kyushu, Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima)
Field work: May
Respondents: M&F 12-69years old
Number of samples: Total 8,700s
Data Release: Once a year (September)
ACR for Windows

Tabulation and analysis system for ACR data
Allows you to download and tabulate profile/media contact data of specific product users