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Mind-Top® Experimental Survey

Background of Mind-TOP® Project

Missing link of Marketing Data Supply

Psychological POS Data = Mind-TOP®

→Out of the Syndicated Data Service related to "Brand", we understand "Missing Information" = "MISSING LINK". And then scan the "bar code" in mind and create Mind POS Data as well as product POS Data is generated.

→We provide "Brand Awareness Information" with the axis of BRAND as a chain-data to connect Syndicated Data Service.

Items Measured

Measurement of Evoked Set/Consideration Set

Continuing Ratio of Brands Evoked and/or Considered
New Coming Ratio of Brands Evoked and/or Considered
Drop-out Ratio of Brands Evoked and/or Considered

The Measurement items newly added to the Mind-TOP Experimental Survey in addition to the conventional ordinary measurement index.

→KEY FEATURE: A series of Flow Measurement of Awareness/Evoking/Consideration