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MCR (Media Contact Report)

Media in a Lifestyle Context

MCR LogoMCR is Video Research's answer to the needs of our clients for a view of consumer lifestyle attitudes, behavior and values from the perspective of media contact. Though this study naturally covers the traditional media of television, radio and printed media, it also examines new media such as the Internet, satellite and cable broadcast and provides insights on how people interact with them. While one of the main applications of ACR is the examination of product and service consumption trends from the perspective of media contact, MCR lets you see how people interact with media in their daily lives both inside and outside the home. The lifestyle portion of the research includes ownership/access/usage/role of various media and daily lifestyle habit data such as time of meals, departure and return from work, etc.

Service Specs

Survey area: Tokyo 30km radius
Field work: June
Respondents: M&F 10-69years old
Number of samples: Total 2,000s
Data Release: Once a year
MCR for Windows

Application software you can download and use to tabulate MCR data in your computer.
Ability to tabulate figures not only for existing targets but also for arbitrary segmented targets, by combining survey items in the way you prefer.

Trademark "MCR" is a registered trademark of NCR INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED (NCR) in U.S. and Video Research Ltd. is an authorized licensee to use the trademark "MCR" within the country of Japan. However, the product "MCR" has nothing to do with NCR.