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Overseas Marketing Data


Thai ACR is the survey data for the media plan conducted by Video Research.
It is the syndicated data that allows media contact situation, consumption/buying situation, and lifestyles in major Thai markets (5 districts) to be analyzed using the same samples.
Thai MCR is a survey on living activities and media contact activities by weekday and weekend respectively.
It can be used when considering media planning or TV programming.
Thai MCR surveys respondents from the two districts of the Thai ACR (5 districts total) conducted the same year.
By combining the responses from both surveys, it is possible to realize a multidimensional analysis that deeply understands the markets.

Service Specs

Survey area:

5Areas(Bangkok metro, Northern, Northeastern, Southern, Central)
*2 areas are selected for MCR on the above.
Field work: June to August


M&F 12-59years old
Number of samples: Total 4,500s(900s per area)
*Total 1,800s, who have joined ACR study, for MCR
Data Release: Once a year (December)
Deliverable: Data with analysis software (ACR for Windows/ MCR for Windows)

  TVCP (TV Commercial Performance Index - TV Commercial Karte "Thai version")

TVCP is a unique survey which systematically checks the consumers' attitudinal change-over toward TV Commercial campaign, measuring TV Commercial performance in Thailand - such as Awareness, Contents' Comprehension, Product interest, Favorability, Image evaluation and Product purchase intention.

Service Specs

Survey frequency:

3 times/year

Survey area:


Number of samples:

400 people

Respondents: Males and females age 13 to 49

We welcome your survey participation! Please contact us to discuss about the TV Commercial which you like us to measure in the next TVCP!

Contact here >

We provide a hard-copy Report in our regular format.
Language used: English (except the narration & copy line of TV commercial presented to the respondents.)
* TV Commercial Statistics is not inserted in the Report.

You will find the followings from TVCP・・・・

Global TGI

Global TGI Surveys are the world's leading single-source surveys. They were started in 1969 by the British Marketing Research Bureau (BMRB), a U.K. research company with the most abundant experience and success in market research, which currently operates in over 50 countries around the world.

Global TGI data, which indicate consumers' purchase behavior, lifestyle awareness, and access to media according to the type of sample, are used as an industry-wide standard data for media planning and marketing planning around the world.


Customized Research via Global Network/Global Partnership

Conducting research programs in partnership with about 200 companies in 50 countries.

Total research services are available including customized research designing, on-site research management, and data formatting in response to needs.

A strong network of local research companies is used, taking into account the culture and national character of individual countries.