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National Newspaper Readership Survey (J-READ)

Help clients make more efficient advertising plans by giving the scientific insight of newspaper's media power.

Service Specs

Survey area: Nationwide(47prefectures)
Field work: March
Respondents: M&F 15-69years old
Number of samples: Total 28,800s
Data Release: Once a year

Key features of "National Newspaper Readership Survey" (J-READ)

All data for major national newspapers are consolidated.
112 papers from all over the country are the target of the survey.
Sports and evening papers are also included.
All papers' readership ratio and audience profiles are measured on the same level all over the country.
Measures weekly readership as well as subscription/purchase status.
Available to monitor readers' and subscribers' demographics on the same subjects for all papers.
Clients are able to understand the positioning and reading habits of audience for all papers.
Ability to understand not only consumer's behavior and attitude (such as readers commitment to newspaper media or interest to newspaper ads), but also psychological ties between newspapers and consumers.
Comprehensive consumer insight from various kinds of points of view.
Available to view and understand various consumer perspectives such as consumption habits and value judgments, interest to products, awareness of life, Internet and free paper usage, etc.
The survey design is identical across the country. Available to use the data for developing regional marketing.
Conduct identical surveys all at once in 47 prefectures across the country.
Available to compare each prefecture's data as well as getting nationwide and regional results by weighing in on some area differences.
The data is useful for developing an area marketing plan.

Major survey subjects

[ About newspapers ]

Number of target papers: 112
Questionnaire used for a solid week, diary-based survey.
    ( by days and papers)
Readership and perusal status, Time spent for reading, Place of reading, Article genre read, Number of pass-along for subscription-based papers.
Status of newspaper subscription/purchase
Newspaper subscription, Subscription period, Reason for reading, Primary reading paper, Papers intended to read continuously

[Other questions concerning all media]

  • How newspapers are browsed/read, Evaluation compared to other media
  • Total time exposed to major mass media, Time slot
  • Interest in advertisements, Media which generated ad awareness
  • Usage of Internet
  • Delivery and browsing status of free papers
  • Browsing of inserted flyers (by days)
  • Usage of TV/Radio broadcasting

[Other additional survey subjects]

Life and social awareness
(18 fields, 161 items)
Hobbies and leisure-time activities
(87 items)
Ownership and wants of durable products
(108 kinds of product)
Usage of service and facilities, Intention of future use
(77 items)
Usage of general consumer goods, Intention of future use
(85 kinds of product)
Preferred companies/brands
Ownership and wants of automobiles
Face sheet (Demographics)