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SOTO*(Out-of-Home Media Integrated Survey)

Up to now, we have issued "Transit Media Report", which measured the outside space where the consumers may contact with transit ad as transit media and "Machi (Town) Media Report" which measured the outside space where the consumers may contact with out-of-home ad and outside sales promotion as media. We started the new survey for out-of-home media in order to improve and newly develop the above data/report in June, 2006 in Kanto, and 2009 in Kansai. This is "SOTO (Out-of-Home Media Integrated Survey)".

"SOTO" enables to clarify the media power of out-of-home media, not only "railways (lines/stations)" but also "roads" & "distribution promotion" as <Advertising media> in a comprehensive manner.

(*NOTE: "SOTO" means "outside" in Japanese.)

Features & survey details of "SOTO"

  1. Understand "Out-of-Home Media" in daily living hours
    • "SOTO" measures the time slot when the trains and automobiles are used in daily living hours and enables to clarify the features and strength of out-of-home media along the time axis.
    • "SOTO" also measures the time slot to contact mass-media and purchase behavior and the survey design also allows you to use the data for marketing planning from the viewpoint of "Recency" and from the viewpoint of cross-media advertising with "Out-of-Home Media" and conventional "Mass-media".

  2. Measure "Out-of-Home Media" with itemized advertising media
    • "SOTO" measures the itemized advertising media in terms of usage of railways, stations & roads (excluding Kansai) and visiting to the towns, such as names of the buildings, vicinities of town "A"/street "B", etc. The data shows "the volume of contact", "reach & frequency" and "segmentation character/contact person quality" of each advertising media.
    • "The database of "SOTO" enables to indicate the volume of passengers, reach/frequency/quality of those passengers at the respective ad running spots inside the major stations and inside the major towns.
    • Furthermore, in terms of railways/towns/roads, it measured the ordinary contact and time slot, purpose of usage/visit separately by weekdays and by weekends so that the actual contact with itemized advertising media is more comprehensively clarified.

  3. Understand how "Out-of-Home Media" is watched as advertising
    • "SOTO" measures how much attention is paid to each type of Out-of-Home advertising such as transit ad, outdoor ad and point-of-purchase ad and the advertising media measured is inclusive of the hanging posters in the commuter trains and posters inside the stations.

  4. Understand "Contact persons of Out-of-Home Media" multilaterally from various aspects
    • "SOTO" measures consumption trend & sense of values multilaterally such as consumers' recognition to lifestyle, products & services, usage of shops/facilities and relevance to advertisement. It will allow you to draw the profile of each media's contact person and to understand the consumers as advertising target.