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Radio Rating Services

Video Research Ltd. delivers data on radio ratings throughout Japan. By conducting extensive research through detailed questionnaires though the diary method, Video Research analyzes audiences' profiles, markets by demographics, psychographics, as well as listening habits within Tokyo 35km radius.

Conducted 6 times annually, our Radio Rating Services covers all programs within Tokyo 35km radius, and surveying a total of 3,000 males and females aged 12 to 69.

To ensure accuracy and details, a diary-method is used to collect listening data both inside and outside home. Collected data measuring both AM and FM listeners are compiled into a report that includes average program ratings, and overall ratings.

Service Specs

Survey area: Tokyo 35km radius, Kansai, Nagoya
Field work: Bimonthly
Respondents: M&F 12-69years old
Number of samples: Total 9,000s (3,000s per area)
Data Release: Bimonthly